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Magna: Future-Proof Token Management

When it comes to your business operations, token management shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought. Representing ownership, community, governance, and beyond, proper token management unlocks new opportunities for projects, protocols, and stakeholders.

The challenges of token vesting

Full of complexity, legal regulations, and security risks, token vesting and distribution is a difficult (and often daunting) task. Still, setting your token management strategy ahead of time is crucial for success.

Many founders find themselves wasting precious time balancing inefficient spreadsheets and trying to navigate through an unstandardized industry. Founders that would have otherwise manually distributed their tokens benefit from the automation and simplicity of token management platforms.

Managing on-chain and off-chain workflows

While we’re constantly expanding on our on-chain support and features, we also realize there’s a large amount of off-chain reporting that needs to be done. With our robust reporting features, investors, employees, accountants, lawyers, and any other key stakeholders can each find the right information in the right format for them, enjoying the ease of our on and off-chain tools, reports, and support.

Magna manages everything from token distribution to tax compliance, stakeholder relationship management, and beyond, simplifying the process and reducing the need for multiple disparate systems and tools. Unlike other solutions that only focus on certain more basic aspects of token management, Magna’s one-stop shop provides a comprehensive suite of features. But we don’t just set up your portal and leave.

Our team offers hands-on support throughout every step of the process.

Support for stakeholders with different needs

Magna is live on Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, and other EVM chains, offering multi-chain support for dozens of L1s, L2s and rollups, and we manage millions of tokens on mainnet alone. We’re constantly working on expanding our support, and regularly adding support for new chains.

Magna can streamline your operations

Magna lets you put your token vesting on autopilot, and so much more. Airdrop, stream, and vest tokens to your team, investors, and community on custom unlock schedules, easily. Magna lets you track your token unlocks and payments, manage your cap table, execute token airdrops and streams, and automate your token management processes.Our wallet management even allows for the ability to track multiple wallets and assign unique wallets to different allocations (for both admins and stakeholders).

Automated unlocks on-chain

Our platform allows for personalization on every step of the token unlocking process, because we know no two crypto companies have the same needs. With customizable unlock schedules, you can be sure you’re making the right choice for your organization and stakeholders.

Invite your whole team

We offer a robust stakeholder portal, so that your team can all visit Magna in a user-friendly and intuitive way. Your team will no longer need to make guesses when it comes to their allotted tokens and vesting schedules.

Magna Dashboard Screen View
Our dashboard enables you to see your project at a glance highlighting the most important information of off and on-chain activities.

Token Cap Table

Our new Token Cap Table feature shows stakeholders how tokens will be distributed in an intuitive dashboard. This dashboard lets projects have a single place to view their target token allocations as well as outstanding token allocations for different categories of stakeholders.

Protocols can now visualize their token distribution plan for each category of stakeholder, and token recipients can also see their allocation in context to better understand how much they own.

How we go above and beyond

We offer a robust stakeholder portal, so that your team can all visit Magna in a user-friendly and intuitive way. Your Magna cares about founders deeply. We aren’t just here to set up a few charts and send you off.

We’re committed to helping founders navigate this new territory through every stop of the process, from the initial questions of pondering whether or not to launch a token, the best strategies for doing so, how to structure it and stay safe and compliant.We stay up to date with the latest regulations and recommendations, and we ensure safety and reliability.

Robust security

Magna is built with security in mind, every step of the way. We’ve had our platform audited several times by top firms including Zellic, Ottersec, and more recently, Trail of Bits, one of the best auditors in the web3 space.


We are consistently building out new features, future-proofing our platform, and driving standardization in the space. We pride ourselves in being trusted experts that will be around for the long run.  We encourage feedback and we are actively iterating on our product each day after countless conversations with founders about their most pressing challenges. Magna has been recognized as an industry leader that is passionate about not only token infrastructure, but founders.

Supporting the people behind these companies, and their stakeholders. You can feel the care from our passionate team that enjoys solving these problems and working with such wonderful founders. We’ll proudly be there for you every step of the way-- and we know how important it is to be around for the long haul.

Our white glove, end-to-end service offers more than just fancy spreadsheets.

Our team personally onboards each and every customer, so you can know you’re getting individualized attention from our team of experts. Magna can offer more customization, flexibility, and depth of functionality while helping you manage your token unlocks and distribution. Whether it's unique vesting schedules, multi-chain support, or tax withholding scenarios, Magna is built to accommodate a wide range of needs and scenarios. There’s a reason dozens of token industry-leading ecosystems have partnered with Magna.

Magna is designed to scale to meet the needs of even the largest web3 projects. It can handle millions of tokens and thousands of users.

We can handle any complex situation that you throw at us.

Our team can tackle even the most complicated and detailed unlock schedules, from time-based to event and milestone based and anything in between, we’re confident in our ability to help you every step of the way. We’re on a mission to make things easier for crypto companies and founders. Magna provides an easy solution for crypto companies to manage their tokens (and token holders), that scales just as they do.

What’s in our roadmap for the future

We have even more key features rolling out this year, including an upgraded UI/UX, self-serve options, support for new chains, and more! From increased functionality for smart contracts, to enhanced notifications, and updates to our unlock and vesting visualizations, we won’t want you to miss a thing. We are additionally working on tax withholding and support, soon supporting workflows for automatically withholding taxes on employee token distributions on-chain, including an initial integration with Rippling.

With the web3 space still being so new-- and changing so rapidly, it can be difficult to find platforms that can manage it all. With some founders likening us to “Carta for web3”, we’re eager to keep building our platform with founders as the space continues to change and evolve. If you're looking for a powerful, easy-to-use, and secure token management platform for your crypto company, then we’d love to hear from you.

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