Fast and secure token operations.

Track your fundraise, execute your TGE, and manage your token unlocks in one compliant cap table platform.

Haven't launched yet? We also help mint tokens and plan tokenomics!

Audited contracts supporting tokens everywhere:

Don’t see yours? Reach out anyway!
We plan to support a variety of chains within the year so that you can bring your own tokens after launching.

Managing tokens operations correctly is mission-critical.

But existing tools aren't enough for the complexity of web3.
Google sheets
Hacky Scripts
Insecure Smart Contracts

"Gearing up for TGE has become such a huge headache for us."

“It's a truly terrible process that takes hours every week to get right.”

"I'm holding my breath and refreshing our wallet every time I send tokens."

The risk of DIY is higher than you think.

Lost Tokens
Wasted Time
Security Vulnerabilities
Unknown Tax Liabilities

Magna is more than just token unlocks.

Stakeholder views

Dashboard and notifications for unlocks and token positions.

Exchange analytics

Get insights on who’s selling or transferring tokens over time.

Wallet intelligence

See more than wallet addresses with our on-chain intelligence.

Liquid staking and governance

Stake and vote with your tokens while they are still unlocking.

One-time and recurring payments

Compliant token payments for vendors or contractors.

Support for complex unlocking schedules

We’ve seen it all, and plan to support it all over time.