Opportunities at Magna

Help us build the premier token platform.

Highly Technical Team

This is a space with deep technical challenges that reward builders. We solve hard problems in both web2 and web3.

Top-Notch Healthcare Plans

We offer the best available platinum PPO and other similar plans that give you the most options with the lowest deductibles.

Learning Budget

We offer a dedicated stipend for purchasing learning materials and attending conferences/hackathons.

Unlimited Vacation

Take time off when you need it. Magna mandates a 2 week vacation minimum for all employees, regardless of role.


We’re a well-funded and lean company with runway that can last us to build in the industry for many years to come.

NYC Based + Remote Friendly

We operate on a hybrid model, where most employees come in a couple of times per week to our downtown Manhattan office.

About Magna

Magna’s goal is to be the one-stop solution for all token-based crypto companies who want to track outstanding and promised token allocations, automate the distribution of those tokens, and manage information about their stakeholders. Some liken us to “Carta for Web3”.

Our mission is to make it easier for crypto companies to manage their tokens and tokenholders so that they can focus on their product and not custom internal tools and smart contracts as they scale. We work with projects of all sizes throughout various L1 & L2 ecosystems.

Magna’s platform is used by investors, employees, accountants, lawyers, and other key stakeholders throughout the crypto ecosystem.

We are hiring


Access the leading token management platform today.

The blockchain moves fast. You can move faster.

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