Announcing Magna’s Token Launch School

Today, we are announcing Magna’s inaugural Token Launch School - a one-day virtual bootcamp that will explore all aspects of launching a token. Featuring a broad range of ecosystem experts and project founders that have successfully launched a token, this is the perfect opportunity for teams who are preparing for their own token to learn from the best.

Apply by March 15th, 2024

Gearing up to launch a token? 

Token launches can be incredibly complex– often involving multiple moving parts, a laundry list of external partners and dependencies, and a small execution window to get things right. While launches often seldom look the same from project to project, we often hear teams asking the same questions as they prepare: 

Tokenomics - How should we think about emission and unlock schedules, particularly as they relate to liquidity, price performance, and token utility? How should token supply be allocated across the ecosystem?

Liquidity - How do we ensure adequate liquidity at launch? How do we navigate market maker selection, and what should our on-chain liquidity strategy take into consideration?

Distribution - How do we approach our distribution and decentralization strategy (e.g., airdrops, launchpads, exchanges, on-chain vs. centralized)?

Legal - Are there legal considerations for launching a token, and how do we navigate regulatory risk? What do I need to think about when setting up token issuing entities and foundations?

Community Growth - What levers can we use to grow our community leading up to launch?

Enter the Token Launch School.

A one-day virtual bootcamp focused on how projects should approach the token launch–  featuring discussions facilitated by valued ecosystem experts and talks by project founders that have previously launched a token. Zero cost, and no catch– just quality, candid discussion.

Application Criteria

We are looking for 10 - 15 quality projects across all verticals (e.g., infra, DeFi, social, gaming, DePIN) that are actively planning to launch a token within the next 12 months. Applicants must fill out the Form linked above before March 8th, 2024 to be considered.

All applicants will be notified via email on March 22nd, 2024 of their application status.

What to Expect

The Program - Fireside chats, discussions, and office hours with experts like GSR, CoinList, Cube Exchange, Tophash, Galxe, Zellic, among others. Additionally, a couple guest projects will be invited to share their experiences of their own token launch.

The Toolkit - a network of key vendors and token launch resources only available to participating projects, including: law firms, exchanges, market makers, custodians, auditors, launchpads, and more offering introductory calls and preferred rates/discounts.

Example Topics

Tokenomics Design and Token Supply Management

We’ll explore how to approach thinking through allocations, emissions, staking, unlocks, vesting, as they relate to token utility and managing liquidity and supply. 

User Acquisition and Community Bootstrapping 

Testnets, quests, points, and how to grow your community. We’ll discuss the different strategies employed to grow a community, and the advantages and limitations of each. 

Token Launch Strategies

What should TGE itself look like? We’ll cover a number of distribution mechanisms, how market conditions impact launch considerations, and how to think about launch valuations

Listings and Liquidity

How projects should navigate market maker selection and exchanges, and what a healthy liquidity strategy looks like (e.g., CEXs, liquidity pools, and more)

Legal and Regulatory Considerations for Token Launches 

How should token issuing entities and foundations be structured, and the impact of regulatory risk on launch strategy.

Launch Security

What are common security vulnerabilities and risks that exist, and what measures can projects take prior to launch?

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