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How Access Protocol Manages Vesting Token Distributions Using Magna

Access Protocol is reinventing how content creators monetize their work by replacing ads and traditional subscriptions with a decentralized protocol powered by ACS - their native utility token. 

Access Protocol first approached Magna following the launch of ACS on Solana more than a year ago looking for help tracking and facilitating vesting token distributions to its team members and investors. While initially onboarding onto V1 of our platform, Access was recently able to join our revamped Solana platform ahead of the one-year cliff for their unlock schedules - providing a substantially improved product experience.

Same Robust Smart Contracts, Sleek New UI

Token Summary and Distribution Timeline | Magna Dashboard Preview

With the product refresh, Access was able to leverage the same battle-tested smart contracts that have withstood the test of time to distribute ACS tokens to their team and investors - all through a completely revamped UI. The new platform made it easy to track allocations and know where the team’s tokens were or needed to be at any given time - whether onchain (locked in the smart contract), claimable by stakeholders, or otherwise.

Multisig Support

Magna recently integrated with SquadsX, the web-extension for Squads– Solana’s preferred multisig wallet. With this integration, Access was able to connect to the Magna platform, deploy smart contracts, and send tokens to their stakeholders all from the safety of their Squads multisig wallet - avoiding the need for unnecessary additional security risk and movement of funds. 

White Glove Onboarding

It can be difficult to feel completely comfortable with a self-service flow when a significant proportion of the total token supply is at stake. To begin, Access was able to leverage the Magna team for end-to-end support as they set up their vesting distributions - ensuring allocation schedules, stakeholder information, and token amounts were accurate and correctly ingested before any tokens were actually sent on-chain. While Magna’s platform equipped Access with the tools and features to easily manage their vesting tokens, it was the white glove support that allowed their team to rest easy at night knowing their tokens were safe.

“Token vesting is incredibly important for any token project in the crypto space. Choosing the right partner for vesting is like choosing a husband or wife, you are locked in for the duration of the token vest!.

When evaluating a partner you want someone with great UX, end to end customer service, and industry leading partners to ensure your team and investor allocations are delivered both securely, and properly! 

Magna provides an unparalleled product with leading customer service, often from the founders themselves. As a team on Solana, their integration with Squads saved us time and headaches, ensuring our stakeholder funds are handled in the most secure and efficient manner. 

In our 1 year as clients the platform has improved 10x while customer service levels have remained nothing short of exceptional. 

12/10 would buy again.

Andreas Nicolos, CEO

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